Hey wuss poppin guys

Today, I’m going to talk about this weird anime called Danganronpa. Some of you might’ve heard of it as it was originally a game for the PSP, an old, redundant console made by Sony.

The cast is basically comprised of a bunch of high school kids with these things called Super High School Levels, which are skills the characters have that they excel at. These are very important for the case solving, as the students are put against each other in a battle to kill someone and not be found out about. About half of all the students are killed brutally by either other students or the cute evil teddy bear Monokuma.


What I think

This anime is the perfect mixture of mystery and gore anime, with a roster of 15 well-developed characters, with their own traits, appearances and costumes depending on their personalities, which I think a lot of anime set in a high school / around the lives of students lack. Also, with a lot of the students dying for seemingly unknown reasons, we as the viewers are presented all of the evidence so we have time to figure it out for ourselves before being shown the correct answer we should’ve got.

This might give us a sense of accomplishment or something, but what do I know.


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