YouTube is a much larger platform, right? So if I were to create a youtube channel, say playing games or something like that, I would nos. likely get slightly more views than on a WordPress site. Also, you can’t really use adverts on WordPress apart from with the Business and Professional plans, while I only have the personal. But, there are sponsorships and product placement and things like that that are basically ads run by the content creator themselves at some point in their content. So if I made a YouTube channel, which is easy to do since I already have a Google account, I could create some content with a compilation of me playing a game, and get lots of views I guess.

But, that pulls my focus away from the original platform of Life without the Nerve Gear and stuff would get kinda dusty around here at WordPress, so I’ve decided to start my YouTube channel up at 10,000 views for the blog, so I’m actually focused on writing and appealing to audiences.

The new seasons of MHA and SAO have been great. Lots of new characters have been introduced to Sword Art Online with what looks like a fresh start for the series in general, and the Squad Jam sounds like it would be fun to play myself if it was real and not just in an anime.

My Hero Academia is the one I haven’t actually payed much attention to because I was distracted by my PlayStation party being loud on Fortnite, but I noticed that some of the character designs for whatever those cat girls are called. All of them had a very different design but had lots of similarities to the others costumes.

So that pretty much wraps it up for a few days or until I really get inspired by some good anime on Netflix or something like that. Bye.

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